The Potter

In this episode, we'll meet a highly accomplished potter from Nicola Valley, BC whose long and distinguished career in her field is an inspiration for any artist.

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The Carpenter

In this episode, we’ll meet a Chair Maker from Prince George who lives completely off the grid, and whose master craftsmanship harks back to an era long before modern convenience.

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The Sculptor

In this episode, we’ll meet a wood sculptor from Grande Prairie, Alberta whose creations defy the labels and conventions of her chosen medium.

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The Saddle Maker

In this episode, we’ll meet a master craftsman from a small rural community in Debolt, Alberta. Operated with help from his wife and eight children, his unique Saddle shop is truly a family business.

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The Jeweller

In this episode, we’ll meet a Jeweler from Kelowna, BC whose passion for design compels her to create all of her jewelry completely from scratch.

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The Ski Maker

In this episode, we’ll meet a Ski Maker from Smithers, BC whose obsession with perfection has led him to design and build his own line of high-performance skis - Paranormal Skis

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The Surfboard Maker

In this episode, we’ll meet a carpenter from Vancouver Island whose masterfully crafted cedar surfboards and paddleboards are not just built for beauty, but also streamlined for performance.

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The Shoemaker

In this episode, we’ll meet a shoemaker from Vancouver who uses old-world tools and techniques to create shoes that are designed not only for beauty, but also endurance.

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The Broom Maker

In this episode, we’ll meet an artist from Crawford Bay who uses old-world materials and construction methods to create brooms that are uniquely functional, and surprisingly beautiful.

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