The Blacksmith

Blacksmithing is a lost art in many ways, but there are some who are dedicated to keeping it alive. In this episode, we’ll meet a blacksmith from Castlegar who also manages to balance her work with being a fulltime mom.

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The Bowyer

For as long as people have been shooting arrows, people have been making bows. In this episode, we’ll meet a craftsman from Powell River who specializes in the craft of the English Longbow.

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The Glass Blower

Glass is a one of the oldest manmade materials in the world. In this episode, we’ll meet a glassblower from Calgary whose art puts a unique twist on an ancient tradition.

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The Neon Bender

Vancouver was once famous for its bright neon boulevards. In this episode, we’ll meet a neon sign maker who is restoring Vancouver’s neon to its former glory – and beyond.

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