The Potter

In this episode, we’ll meet a highly accomplished potter from Nicola Valley, BC whose long and distinguished career in her field is an inspiration for any artist.

5 thoughts on “The Potter
  1. Oh, how lovely that was. Watching someone with quiet competence exercise her craft , producing gorgeous and practical items. Thank you.

    • Thanks Evelyn,

      Linda’s story was truely an amazing one for us to tell and we are extremely thrilled to hear you felt the way we did making it. Thanks for your lovely compliment and be sure to check out our other episodes and share with your friend.


      HC Crew

  2. That was a beautiful piece . Thank you for sharing it is a inspiration. And your work is truly works of art.

    • Thanks Michelle,

      We are thrilled you love the video and inspiration is exactly what we hoped to achieve in making this show.

  3. I completely understand the comment about a little depressed after unloading your kiln. It is the end of journey with those pieces, almost the end of that relationship. You are closer to those pieces than anybody ever will be but you will never have that back. Time for more clay.

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