Behind every great story is an amazing team to tell it.


Andrew Muir

With a Masters Degree in Communications, and over five years experience as a professional writer, Andrew has always had a passion for storytelling. He’s written and produced videos for a huge range of clients. Above all, he believe that the job of a writer/producer is not necessarily to create stories, but to discover them, and bring them to life. To that end, he takes great care to conduct research, to get to know the people he collaborates with, and to be extremely thorough in everything step of the storytelling process. His goal is to create meaningful work, and to explore how video can be used to move people – hopefully to a better place.

Andrew Millard

Andrew has a passion for telling great stories. His love for the field of editing and the variety of projects he has been presented throughout his career have his creative edge. He pledges to never stop learning, and truly will never stop trying to improve his craft.

Greg Bartels

Greg has worked as a cinematographer and director for the past 8 years. He has worked on a variety of documentary style projects ranging from corporate to feature length productions. His focus on the art of storytelling and capturing images in their truest form bring realistic depth to his work. He was recently honored by the CSC Awards for Lifestyle/Documentary for his cinematography work on the series Hand Crafted.

Taryn Bartels

Taryn’s professional experience lies in the event planning and marketing side of the natural health industry. Working for one of the leading brands in the natural health world, Taryn has been involved in coordinating industry leading campaigns and outreach. This experience has given her a strong communication, marketing and branding voice that can carry over to any project she puts her mind to!